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Photography by Tara A Tayan

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The Gallo Family

My family and I have had a crazy year. We have finally calmed down from the whirlwind which was moving. When we finally had most of the boxes put away, furniture bought, and pictures hung, I saw this as an opportunity to start inviting people over!  

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my cousin’s beautiful family in our new home! Enjoy!

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Typewriter Musings

Here are a couple of found photographs a friend gave to me and my own work. They went through the ringer and I decided to mutilate them with my typewriter. I definitely need to work on my typing skills, but as I have found out my “o” is the most finicky of the letters. Maybe there are other things I can shove through the typewriter. Wish me luck!

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Jack Wolfgang Tayan • August 4, 1999 - February 20, 2014 • We will always love you ❤️🐶🐾

Jack Wolfgang Tayan • August 4, 1999 - February 20, 2014 • We will always love you ❤️🐶🐾

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Cold Crowds: An Exciting First February Friday

Here is another edition of First Friday in Olde City, Philadelphia. The calmer weather called for a better, rowdier crowd this month and it was bangin’! Yet again my friends at Grayson Sky hosted the Pop Up Art Show at East End Salon and The National Mod Mash Up at The National Realty Olde City. Some of my favorite highlights was seeing my friends from school (it has been been way too long!!!) and probably the dude that dressed head to toe all in white, with a white infinity scarf. It was by far the best outfit of the night. And I cannot forget Miss Alexis Kurtzman, the wonderful printmaking artist showing at The National. Her prints were of her great-grandparents, with intricate, beautiful frames drawn around them. 

Please come out to the next First Friday events! They are a blast!

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Snow Doesn’t Stop Us: Collaborative Event

On one of the best/worst snow days we’ve had all winter, I had a amazing chance to go out and see the bravest of the snowpocalypse. I headed out to help out the guys at Grayson Sky, who are a marketing and consulting company. That night, two events were happenin’. One, was a yoga and exotic tea social and the other was an opening to a new, emerging painter, James Sturner. HOWEVER, when I got there it was an eclectic mix of both worlds. Now both events were going to happen at the same time,  due to the snowmageddon. All in all, it was great. My favorite was the tea brought in from Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop. Becca, the shop owner, had a Chai Masala, which I got tea drunk off of. It’s a thing, apparently.

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